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Horoscopes. Horoscope for Monday, Jan. a new luck cycle in late December and early January ARIES (March April 19).
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If you greet this Monday feeling sluggish, do not be surprised. Know that this, too, shall pass. You have seen a situation from a different point of view, and might need to proceed in a different manner. You see the possibilities; those around you do not.

Horoscope and chart of Dolly Parton (Placidus system)

Tonight: Remain open. A meeting or conversation in the morning could color your plans in the afternoon. You will deal with what occurs as a result of this adjustment. You have reason to smile and be more upbeat than you have been in a while. Maintain your sense of humor.

Tonight: Keep it private. Remain sensitive to your options.

You do not always get along with a higher-up or elder. The way that you have your discussion could affect the outcome.

Dolly Parton: Astrological Article and Chart

Even when you disagree with this person, maintain respect; if you do, your relationship will get better. Tonight: As you like it. Be willing to take a stand. A close associate helps inspire you to take the lead with a major project. With all the excitement and feedback around you, staying anchored could be difficult.

A higher-up seems off-kilter. Better to say nothing and just smile. Tonight: A must appearance. Having a fan running circulating the breeze I might not get at the moment. And charging the atmosphere with negative ions for healing of the earth's body and all of creation. Walking about the garden either on the porch or grounds and gently brushing my hand across each plant and sniffing that hand.

Spring festival and Chinese Golden Week 2020

And finally gently looking forward to the Earth preparing to go into her Croning becoming the Grandmother. Having been the Mother now, and being the young Maiden during the Spring. Such are the thoughts. OK - maybe I'm archaic 50 but Our little classroom picture-calendars showed these seasons, and our children's TV backed them up.

I'm only talking about the '60s and'70s now - not the 11th century : Our seasons were: Winter - November, December, January Spring - February, March, April Summer - May, June, July Autumn - August, September, October Consider all the poetry, movies, songs and stories which are about or refer to the seasons - they all back this up. Yes I have seen snow, here in the UK, in May - which is why it is memorable and talked about - because it is unexpected and at odds with the season.

Even the explanation of Astronomical seasons above backs this up. The seasons are defined by the light and weather. June is, and has been for generations, Midsummer.

As someone pointed out - refer to Shakespear! Midsummer to me seems more of a reference to the middle of the yr than the middle of a season. Maybe I'm wrong lol. Skip to main content.

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Enjoy the full moon tonight. But I will be Happy birthday, Karen! My birthday is also the 21st and I have had the same experience.. Summer is beautiful. The summer storms, the late nights, the social activities. And more. Especially the mosquitoes! I agree. Especially where I'm from: Texas. The Almanac Webcam.

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