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Some lie to children to protect them from information that might be disturbing, but others ask children to lie as a way of covering up awful behavior—the behavior of adults or family. Mars signifies the process of individuation and the intensity of character that allows us to form a self that knows itself as separate and distinct from others. Neptune is empathetic, and at the extreme end of that spectrum, it signifies a susceptibility to suggestion.

It can be argued that we believe what we want to believe and no amount of fact or fiction is going to change opinion. But if that were always true, no one would ever grow and nothing would ever transform. We grow, but slowly, and sometimes not quickly enough to make difference. We know that Mr. Trump teaches others—especially young people—daily by example that lying is just fine, especially if it gets you what you want.

And even though telling the truth can be uncomfortable, it is liberating. And so the retro-madness of comes to a close.

Just be aware, it's best to wait until the beginning of next week to set plans and projects in motion. Clarity is the key to sanity this week and in the coming weeks. Yes, Mercury is retrograde, and by Friday it pulls away from the Sun and Jupiter, but in the meantime Mercury is working with both the Sun and Jupiter to foster a positive mindset determined to focus on solutions.

We love this conjunction because it translates into an optimistic attitude capable of embracing diversity, working toward unity, and staying confident. Oy…those Trump supporters are going to get an earful. This conjunction is exact and separating on December 7, and we will be completely out from under its influence by December Trump and his Gang of Hungry Ghosts.

Try to spend at least a small amount of time contemplating the effect on your life of almost an entire year of stops and starts. Contemplate how you can participate—even more—in making a difference in your world, which is really our world. It can be overwhelming to realize how many of our fellow travelers are in need of comfort—but we can all do something to help ease that condition.

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I think we could all use a moment to replenish our reservoirs and fortify our strength, and I hope you will also find the time to rest. I want to say thank you to all the readers of the Aquarium Age who have been so supportive and loyal over the years. Aquarium Age readers are smart, conscious, creative, and caring people and I want you to know that I know that. You make me a better astrologer, a better writer, and most importantly a better human.

The current chaos we are experiencing is changing us—we can no longer deny the inequities and injustices that separate, divide, and blind us to our common humanity. Rather than concentrate on what divides, we need to feel what unites and strengthen an awareness of our fundamental interconnectedness. I put aside my grievances and refuse to let arrogance cloud my heart. Let humility clear my vision. Let each breath be humble. Let each breath open my heart to the Great Mystery of life, a mystery so vast, so unknowable, so powerful, even more powerful than the stars, that I can only be humble before its Presence.

Let each breath strengthen my heart. Let all hearts be strengthened. And may humility teach us how to live love, even if we think love is lost. Let humility help me take a deeper, more resonant breath, a breath that feeds my hope in a better, kinder, and more compassionate world. Best be prepared for the next couple of days to unfold with an uneven rhythm, stops and starts that feel at first like two steps forward and three steps back, but quickly shift to two steps forward and one giant banana step to the left…oops, make that a sidestep to the right, at least where America is rapidly becoming a Banana Republic.

From a non-political perspective, this last Mercury Retrograde of is an opportunity to reflect on the entire year, which has been one retrograde phase after another—anyone remember that Mars Retrograde from the end of June until the end of August?

Scorpio career horoscope 2020

Trumpworld is built on lies and this square has the power to reinforce that foundation. Remember…Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is the keeper of what lies beneath. For those new to Mercury Retrograde, this time is best spent reviewing, reflecting, and reconsidering recent events and choices. And as experienced retrograders already know, this is not the best time to initiate any new projects.

From a personal perspective, it would be wise to stick to the truth—no lying to self or others—which means that getting clear on what truth means to you would be the best way to spend the next several weeks. From a political perspective—who knows? Certainly those recounts are going to be challenging. Trump obfuscates the truth of almost every situation, perhaps believing that if he repeats a lie enough , it will become truth—a tactic advertisers learned a long time ago.

The large block of red that appears on so many maps as the vast expanse of the American heartland, is populated for the most part by those who did not vote for one of the smartest people to ever run for president because he was black. Now, more than ever, those same people are empowered by Mr. Their hatred is so ossified, so deep, that they would rather see America dismantled than see it rise to its promise of liberty and justice for all.

Trump is who we are. We must continue to counter ignorance at the ground level—on school boards, in the classrooms, and through a multitude of local efforts to help the next generations respect our essential unity and to value the principles that support democracy. I replied that Democrats embrace diversity—women; people of color; children; all those who are disenfranchised through poverty, lack of jobs and education, homelessness, exploitation; and countless disparate groups that band together to take care of their communities and environment.

This line shifts. Inside us, it oscillates with the years. And even within hearts overwhelmed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained. Each of us has the power to hold the line of good in our hearts, and when we do, we can help those filled with hate to find that small bridgehead still inside them. When we care about our fellow travelers, the world breathes easier. But this year is different, because as I write, I realize just how exhausted I am from the entire political process that has become daily reality: for the last two years, just like millions of other people, I wake up and check the news to see what horrible thing has occurred overnight.

On November 6, in the midst of the voting day, Uranus retrograded back into Aries, where it will stay until March 6. Trump is emblematic of that question, as he signifies the glamorization of the powerful individual who refuses to be constrained by any external reference point as Mr. Comey put it , not even the awareness of right and wrong.


Perhaps Mr. All spiritual and philosophic traditions fall within the domain of Sagittarius and Jupiter, and together they tell all the stories humans have imagined and told to meaning to existence. There are always more stories to tell, and certainly our recent history is delivering doozies. Sometimes just telling the story can console the soul. As part of my Post Traumatic Trump Disorder, I often find myself in a dystopian tear-o-rama, crying over almost every aspect of the damage he and his Gang of Hungry Ghosts have done—a photo of caged immigrant children, the malicious maneuverings on the part of Republican politicians to prevent huge segments of the population from exercising their right to vote, regressive government policies on gender issues, women who still think that Mr.

Trump is the ideal man, and the blatant disregard for the health of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants. The next couple weeks are certain to be bumpy with adjustments on both sides of the polarized landscape—no matter what the election results, we are in the foothills of the American Revolution 2.

Do your best to keep in mind that all of what we are going through is part of a much broader process leading up to the elections of and beyond. Pace yourself—there are many more miles to go. As always, when possible, offer a helping hand to a fellow traveler. No matter what the results of the November 6 elections, the battle over whose values will prevail is certain to continue for quite some time.

The values we are divided over—race, gender, religion, climate, and every other polarizing issue—are symptoms of being beholden to a value system that worships at the altar of money and the power it provides. Capitalism has always divided and exploited people on the basis of their differences, and those with less agency—women, children, people of color—have always borne the brunt of its cynicism. This is where Uranus, in Taurus, comes in. Uranus is the symbol of egalitarian idealism—it is the rebel, with or without a cause, provoking stagnant waters with its lightning bolts of illumination.

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Uranus began its journey through Taurus, the Sign of values in May In , the Social Security Act was passed , an act that also included unemployment insurance. In , the Fair Labor Standards Act, which protected children from being exploited, was made law. Polarized value systems—then and now. Republicans call social security an entitlement.

The question is not how we can silence the hate speech.

The question that lies before us—for as long as it takes to shift it—is how we can address the causes and conditions that give rise to hate. On November 6, Uranus dips its revolutionary tail back into Aries, the Sign where individual self-assertion finds its fire. Anger often motivates action—and there is certainly plenty to be upset about. The mantra of unbridled Aries energy often translates into I want it my way, my way only, and I want it now. The moment Uranus enters Aries on November 6, it hits the midpoint between the Moon and Venus, activating the two female principles in astrology.

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This activation is symbolic of the anger women are experiencing as the patriarchy tries to hold its position and continues to subjugate the feminine at any cost. Uranus symbolizes shift, and one such possible manifestation is that a multitude of women will turn out in droves to vote for their equality, once and for all. Trump to that of a victim of domestic violence, who believes despite all evidence to the contrary, that the abuser will eventually change and becoming loving. Michael Moore is right—as long as we kowtow to Mr.

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Trump, his Gang of Hungry Ghosts, and the bullies he recruits to do his dirty work, we will stay shackled to the old model. Jupiter is a generous presence that signifies wisdom. It also represents global communication, and as it transits Sagittarius, the Sign where we search for truth, it has the potential to encourage diversity. And we need as much hope as we can muster.

Finding a way to identify our shared concerns is part of the task ahead. Sometimes it will require standing in the shoes of another even when those shoes are too small, too big, or too tight. But we can acknowledge fear as a shared experience.